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Initially created to support business men and C-suite executives, coaching has been a profession for several decades and is now available to everyone. Today, with over 80% of employees unsatisfied at work and many others transitioning to new careers or pursuing passion projects, coaches continue to provide tremendous value to their clients in the forms of improved clarity, accountability around goals and most importantly, results—personal and otherwise. 

New Roots Living offers private, effective coaching services globally that help our clients take practical steps to achieve flow, honor their unique purpose and build a legacy of significance. We also partner with both for-profit and nonprofit entities, providing them with on-site and remote coaching resources to improve employee productivity and overall well-being. We are on a mission to help you establish "new roots" wholistically.

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Life Skills &
Legacy Coaching



Feeling alone, unsatisfied or overwhelmed in life? Going through a difficult or painful transition? We, at New Roots, tailor our coaching style to your unique situation and coach you into wellness and motion! Our clients have reported improved overall health and well-being, reconnection with their passions, stronger personal and professional relationships, better management of household responsibility, start and completion of passion projects, and finding new, healthier ways to process pain and heal. We believe these outcomes are a possibility for you.

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Are you aspiring to success in your career? Frustrated by not earning what you either need or deserve? Need guidance to position yourself for promotion or to pivot into a new field?

Could you benefit from guidance as you start, purchase, grow or sell a business? Working through a negotiation?

We coach those who aspire to achievement, helping them to develop a deep understanding of their skills and capabilities, get clear on where they want to go, and chart a sustainable path to getting there. We hold them accountable so that their actions match their words.

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The Whole Woman Life Skills Academy


You're aware of the power of community and in particular, the incredible results that emerge from women helping women. You know that there are lessons you can learn from other women, but have not yet found a group where you can grow and advance in all life areas...together.

In response to your need, we created The Whole Woman Life Skills Academy.

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"I came to Denise and New Roots because I started a new brick-and-mortar business and needed some coaching. Denise really challenged me with every aspect of the business—bookkeeping, advertising, recruiting, expansion plans and more. She pushed me to make my metrics stronger and more specific and also gave me resources to help me with that process. Denise also helped me create more precise business goals, which gave me a better understanding of how to achieve those goals and how long it would take. By the time I had my last session, I had already achieved some of my business goals, which Denise helped hold me accountable for. I am a stronger businesswoman after my coaching sessions because my business is now rooted in stronger metrics, specific goals and strong guiding principles."

India Grant, Founder & Operator, Crème + Honey Wax Salon®

"Denise is a living legacy.  She is a perfect balance of knowledgeable, wise, brilliant, etc. as well as relatable,  kind, caring and empathetic. She thoroughly knows her craft and has such a gifted style of coaching. She has helped me gain clarity, confirmed where I am on the right track and provided tools, resources, systems and processes that take me to the next level. Top of the line coaching! I'd highly recommend."

Janae Martin, Project Manager

"I am blessed to have crossed paths with Denise. She is the first career coach I’ve had. Her compassion for my situation was enlightening and helped me turn what had become toxic shame into empathic interest about myself and my journey. The coaching approach and tools she implemented with me were very impressive and gave me the opportunity to discover my own insight into questions that had haunted me for half the year. I do not know what I could say except that if you have never worked with a career coach, you are really missing out on having another pair of lenses look at your linear experiences and if you want someone who is dependable, confidential, educated, well versed in business tools then choose Denise to be that coach. I promise you will not regret this decision to embrace more of what life may have always laid right before you."

Sibley Fleming, Case Manager

"Denise has been the most amazing life coach. Her insight, wisdom, patience and professionalism is of the highest standard. Through her coaching, I was able to navigate through one of the most difficult times of my life. From the start, Denise guided me to consider my life holistically and then focus on particular areas of improvement. She encouraged and helped me to structure my goals in ways that I’d never previously considered, which made them more manageable and created a clear road to accomplishment. Denise’s warmth and attentiveness helped me think through potential solutions to save a troubled marriage, set post-graduate plans, improve my money management, and implement better self-care strategies. Our sessions enabled me to re-evaluate, restructure, and realign my life. I grew new roots and experienced tremendous growth. I will be forever grateful."

Anonymous Client


Denise Sarkor, CLC, CEPA

From tackling personal challenges to reaching important milestones, my passion is guiding you on your path to success. Trained through an ICF accredited program, I am a certified coach with a solid, professional background, here to assist you in achieving sustainable results. Fueled by my commitment to excellence, I invest time and resources to make sure clients are fully satisfied. Schedule a free initial assessment with me today to determine the appropriate New Roots coaching plan for you no matter where you are in the world. To engage with me live, you can also follow me on Clubhouse or join our Roots and Ladders community.

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To set up your free 20-minute, initial assessment, ask about services here. To inquire about group coaching or ask a question related to our courses or workshops, reach out via the link above as well. 

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