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Moving Through: Emergence in spite of the Winds

The winds have been strong and unpredictable.

Almost everything—navigating the Pandemic and loss, processing and participating in ongoing efforts for justice, financial challenges at home inclusive of rising medical obligations, and both entrepreneurial and career instability, has kept the average citizen on edge.

But then again, winds have always existed and the rules of engagement in tumultuous times, remain the same.

In the book Karma: A Yogi’s Guide to Crafting Your Destiny, author Sadhguru invites each of us to consider and cultivate our inner authority in the face of any and all things that frighten us, thereby influencing our destiny rather than being completely ruled by it.

Over the past 18 months, creating safe spaces for the individuals I coach, has allowed me to witness and applaud unique emergence stories—stories of restoration of health, reconciliation in relationships, renewal of self-confidence, reinvention within business, recovery after loss, and redemption through career changes and intentional face-offs with personal finances, to name a few. In the over 5 years of serving as a certified executive coach, I’ve never been so moved by the resilience of others. The last few months have been the honor of my life and dare I say, serving the community in this way has been the inspiration for my participation in my own emergence. I’m grateful.

So when the winds increase in intensity, I hope you will remember that you have everything in you to persevere, and that there are people ready to walk alongside you on the journey.

“I am not windblown. I am self-propelled.” ~ Sadhguru

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